Healthcare Service Providers Rush To China … But Should They? (Forbes)

Over the last two years, foreign interest in China’s healthcare system has changed focus from a heavy emphasis on pharmaceuticals and devices to actual healthcare service delivery providers. Private hospitals, post-acute care, rehabilitation, senior care and home healthcare have all become areas where private foreign investment is beginning to flow into China, admittedly with mixed results.


This is not to say that pharma or medical device multinationals are looking past China, simply that healthcare service providers are beginning to test the waters to see if their service models might have a place within the country’s vast and fragmented healthcare economy. For these companies, the move to China is a particularly tricky maneuver … [Read more...]

Tier 2 Chinese hospitals: Is there a point?

Both Tier 3 and Tier 1 hospitals in China are thriving, but Tier 2 hospitals are struggling because they are stuck "in the middle"

tier 2 chinese hospitals

Tier 2 Chinese hospitals are quickly losing their purpose. China categorizes health service providers by geographic location, size, as well as medical capabilities, including hospital beds, infrastructure, service quality, and clinical capabilities. In recent years, tier 3 hospitals, which are the most powerful ones with the largest sizes, … [Read more...]

Are These the Meaningful Changes at the CFDA We’ve Been Waiting For? (WiCON)

Last December, American and Chinese trade negotiators sat down together in Chicago as part of the 25th Joint Commerce and Trade Commission (JCT) meeting between the two countries. In advance of this meeting, a number of American and European pharmaceutical MNCs and their lobbying groups had been busy working to prepare the U.S. Department of Commerce delegation for a specific set of issues that needed to be elevated from purely business-to-government, to government-to-government discussion.


Chief among these were the structural reasons unique to China’s pharmaceutical regulatory scheme that continue to present specific barriers for the most innovative therapies to reach Chinese patients in a timely basis.  Because China’s approval process has not been harmonized around global standards, the China market has begun to experience acute … [Read more...]

More Detail on the Forthcoming China Senior Care Report

Curious about the sort of information that is going to be in the upcoming senior care report? More about what is included follows.


Our first comprehensive report on China's senior care sector has been turned over to the publisher and is in the midst of its final touches.  As we get ready for the release, we wanted to share more information about the key sections in the report. Much has been written in various outlets about China’s senior care sector; however, to date no one … [Read more...]

Three Kinds of Chinese Private Hospitals

There are three kinds of Chinese private hospitals according to the executive of a private hospital chain I sat down to a meeting with in Beijing. Each presents unique challenges to investors.


The first kind is the advertising-based model of private healthcare hospital. This sort of private hospital is represented by the Putian chain of hospitals I wrote about last week, and it is rightly derided for its focus on profit over patient. The challenge for these hospitals is government and public opposition to what is widely perceived as an … [Read more...]