China Marketing Plan 101: Secret Social Networks

Don't be fooled by the size of China's social networks, or by their power: it's the fact that their size makes it easy to hide that's their most important feature

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This article can be considered part of a developing series that I've written on developing a China marketing plan for your healthcare business. The caveat is that marketing and advertising is a new area of focus for me, so these columns are as much my attempt at synthesizing what I learned on my past couple of trips to China (these trips were … [Read more...]

The Post-GSK World (Forbes China)

Over the last month, my firm has been coordinating meetings with a number of the large multinational pharmaceutical companies across China. Unlike what some people in the global media would have you believe, these companies remain very positive and bullish about the opportunity to sell more into the China market.

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Yes, they are all aware of the GSK crisis and the complications and questions it introduces. But, they are equally aware that the China market remains one of the few global markets they can reliably count on for double-digit growth. What was interesting is that almost everyone company we spent time with referred to the market today as the … [Read more...]

American Biotech Start-Ups Head To China For Capital Partners (Forbes)

Nestled in a quiet industrial park in Redmond, Washington, not too far from the Microsoft headquarters, is a small biotech start-up with both an interesting technology they are bringing to market, as well as a capital partner that suggests some ways in which global biotech research, venture capital and commercialization are going to change.

Cerevast Headframe & Box 5

The company is Cerevast Therapeutics, the manufacturer of a non-invasive medical device that treats acute ischemic stroke through the use of acoustic energy delivered from a device the patient wears on their head immediately after they get to a stroke center and begin the IV delivery of blood-clot dissolving medicine. The device utilizes sixteen … [Read more...]

China’s Middle Manager Kings (LinkedIn)

The power center of many foreign company branches in China lies squarely in middle management. What can be done?

China middle managers

"Everyone in China knows that the power center of a Western company [in China] is below the C-suite, with the native Chinese manager." John Doe Wei let the words hang. He was sitting in front of a room of executives freshly arrived from the Europemerican headquarters of the advertising agency his firm had been acquired by some years ago. "Someone … [Read more...]

China Telemedicine: How it Might Reshape Pharmacies

Pharmacies are at a crossroads, but China telemedicine gains might change them for the better in the near future.

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In China, prescribed drugs are mainly distributed through public hospitals. Pharmacies rely heavily on OTC drugs and personal care products as incomes. Profit is thin due to expensive leasing costs, growing labor costs and multi-layer procurement models. Price is the key area for competition. There are no health services, only product sales. … [Read more...]