Maternity Tourism Raids & the IVF Surrogacy Business Fallout

US-based surrogacy and IVF businesses need to reorganize so that they are no longer dependent on chinese maternity tourism hospital patients for their business

maternity tourism raids in California

This past Tuesday, March 2, 2015, federal agents raided three "maternity tourism" operations in California and my inbox almost melted down from people sending me links to the story. In this article I am going to talk about what the raids may mean  for the larger business community that is indirectly or directly dependent on revenue generated by … [Read more...]

China’s Telemedicine Industry Gets Ready to Roar

The latter half of 2014 saw China’s central government make a series of important announcements about telemedicine, on-line sales of pharmaceuticals, and the mechanisms by which the two would be regulated.


Among the many competing priorities that face China’s healthcare system, what explains the interest and enthusiasm on the part of the Chinese government to carve out incentives and regulatory breathing room specifically for telemedicine? … [Read more...]

Discover the Future of Aging in China

At a new event, held in Austin, Texas on March 30, 2015. More details after the jump:

On Monday, March 30th Joe Christian and I will be the Masters of Ceremony at a high-level one-day investor conference held in Austin, Texas.  The conference is managed by Yvonne Li's organization, the International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA), and will feature five sessions led by executives in charge of executing major investments in … [Read more...]

Legality of working with China ART businesses

Key legal questions that IVG and Surrogacy businesses need to be aware of when operating in China

IVF in China regulation

This is the fifth installment of our nine part series on the assisted reproductive technology market in China. I previously set out the goals of this series in the "IVF in China Guide" introductory installment. After that I wrote about the true, un-hyped-up size of the ART market, a profile of the Chinese ART consumer, and IVF and surrogacy … [Read more...]