China’s Pursuit of a Domestic Life Science Sector

Could China achieve in biotech what it did in clean-tech, and is industry under-estimating how this would impact market access and global R&D?


As readers may know, for the past year I have been working with the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) on the research topic of China’s pursuit of a domestic life science sector. As conceived, the project is designed to evaluate China’s policies from a number of vantage points, ranging from how these policies will impact global R&D … [Read more...]

Podcast: A Yelp! for China’s healthcare consumers

Sebastien Gaudin and the CareVoice app are a remarkable example of how deep knowledge of government policy and government needs can lead to fast, sustained success in China's healthcare market.

mHealth in China

In our last podcast episode, which also kicked off our six-part series on the Chinese healthcare consumer, we introduced the new China Global Demographic, a term coined by long-time China market’s expert Michael Zakkour, that refers to a new, more sophisticated generation of Chinese consumers, who don’t only care about brands and experiences within … [Read more...]

Aging2.0 Pitch Event

To meet the global challenge aging represents, we are going to need a lot of new care pathways, technologies and delivery models. Aging2.0 is incubating them right now.


Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending my first Aging2.0 event in San Francisco. I am writing this partially to give them a shout out, as I love what the organization is doing, but also to draw attention to the convergence of care models, technology and hardware around the world’s aging population. If you love the spirit of the Bay area, … [Read more...]

A New Wrinkle For China’s Medical Device Market (Forbes)

China’s National Health and Planning Commission (NHPC) threw foreign medical device manufacturers a wrinkle: going forward, the Chinese government would pursue policies explicitly designed to favor domestic manufacturers over foreign manufacturers.

China ational Health and Planning Commission

The NHPC’s announcement was clear:  “We want to strongly advocate health ministry organizations to use domestically-made medical devices, especially pushing top level class III hospitals to use domestically-made products.” Justifying this policy, the government noted such measures were necessary for it to “effectively control unreasonable increases … [Read more...]

GSK China Bribery Case: Three Long-Term Problems Without Answers (Forbes China)

With a 99% conviction rate, China's criminal courts rarely generate a surprise. Last week's trial of former GSK risk investigator Peter Humphrey was not an exception.

GSk in China

The question of how the behavior of foreign multinationals in China will be impacted, if at all, is the topic of my column in today's Forbes China. For the medical industry, constraints on healthcare spending in the United States and the United Kingdomhave made major pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies eager to double down in … [Read more...]