China Just Gave Foreign Pharmacy Retailers A Big Green Light (Forbes)

It is not every day that the world’s most populous nation sends such a clear signal to a very specific sector that it is ready and open for business ...


... and yet last week, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) did precisely this when it set in motion a pilot project in 34 cities to sever pharmaceutical costs from patient’s bills. … [Read more...]

Home Healthcare in China – Training Program Development

Given the regulatory limits that are specific to China home healthcare, what is the right business model, and how do you build the right training program?


As I have been writing about for the last several weeks, in China, almost every operational decision you will make flows from your registration strategy. Too flexible with how you respond to efforts on the part of Chinese regulators to narrow your business scope, and you can easily end up with a license that is not commercially viable to the … [Read more...]

A Small But Very Important Step (Forbes China)

Last week, China's Ministry of Commerce made a very important announcement of a new pilot program that could well signal the time is right for foreign pharmacy retailers to invest in China.


One of the most consistent criticisms of China’s healthcare reforms has been the ongoing reliance by Chinese hospitals on sales of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic procedures for revenue. This week, the Ministry of Commerce took a step that may seem very small on the surface, but likely lays the groundwork for more significant reforms that will … [Read more...]

Podcast – China Home Healthcare Lessons Learned

Benjamin Shobert and I sit down to talk about his experiences setting up China's second ever private, wholly foreign owned China home healthcare business

Health In Asia Podcast

Ben has been building out a China home healthcare seven part guide all of this week. Of the seven parts he has so far delivered on four: Home Healthcare in China – Human Resource Strategy Home Healthcare in China – Developing Your Marketing Strategy Home Health Care Regulations in China – Draw Your Lines China Home Health Care – a Guide … [Read more...]

Home Healthcare in China – Human Resource Strategy

What does a scalable HR strategy for your China operations look like?


Update: We recorded a very informative podcast where Damjan and I talk at some length about my experiences in the China home healthcare space. We’re told it’s good. “Podcast – China Home Healthcare Lessons Learned" Training Is an Obvious Problem When talking with a number of foreign senior care operators who have either independent or … [Read more...]