How China’s Sea Turtles Are Going To Improve The Country’s Healthcare Economy (Forbes)

Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, in collaboration with its U.S. partner, Partners HealthCare International® (PHI) from Boston, Massachusetts, is under construction. PHI, the international arm of Partners HealthCare (Partners), founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, are currently Harvard Medical School’s two largest teaching hospitals.


"For the last fifteen years in particular, China’s sea turtles – Chinese-born individuals, but American educated and in most cases professionally successful outside of China within foreign multinational companies – have played important roles transforming various sectors of the country’s economy.  Within China’s healthcare economy, tapping into … [Read more...]

Only CEOs can reduce compliance risk in emerging markets

Aggressive global revenue targets change compliance risk, so a compliance officers job in the new post-GSK world must start with the CEO.

Compliance risk in China is also aggravated by a two-tiered economy

During a conversation with the chief compliance officer of a large publicly listed company Ben was asked what it is exactly that our company, Rubicon Strategy Group, could do if we were brought in to do some consulting work. This conversation took place a few weeks after the criminal penalties against GSK were handed out. The executive said to … [Read more...]

Mass. General in talks to build hospital in China (Boston Globe)

Rubicon's analysis is featured in a recent piece at the Boston Globe on the Massachusetts General plan to expand into China.


"Massachusetts General Hospital is in early discussions with two partners to build a full-service hospital with 500 to 1,000 beds in China, a country that is struggling to meet growing demand from its 1.4 billion citizens for top-quality medical care. Mass. General signed a “framework agreement’’ last week with a Chinese hospital that … [Read more...]

The difference between military and public hospitals, according to medical editor Douglas Corley.

Compared to public hospitals in China, Chinese military hospitals have the latest technology, the highest requirements for publication, and the most piped-in international medical training programs. Douglas Corley explains.

Douglas Corley

A few days ago I published an article fairly atypical for this website, a travelogue about my visit to a Chinese Military Hospital. After the articles publication (and syndication in Sinocism's newsletter) I received an email from my friend Douglas Corley, an editor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (a very powerful organization roughly equivalent … [Read more...]

Could Ebola Be to America’s Hospitals What SARS was to China’s?

Ebola hysteria in the United States is putting a public microscope on some of the American healthcare system's most hated drawbacks. And it is laying bare the weaknesses in America's public health system. It is oddly and worryingly reminiscent of the 2003 SARS outbreak in China.

Ebola SARS

The SARS epidemic and the bungled response to it resulted in a massive political fall out in China that precipitated in public protests and the healthcare reforms that we know today. America's emerging Ebola epidemic and the so far bungled response to it is raising the same sort of anger in the United States that preceded protests and healthcare … [Read more...]