8 Rules of Negotiation (in emerging economies)

I have come to believe there is an eight principle for negotiations that take place in emerging countries

8 Rules of Negotiation

When I worked Michigan's International Transactions Clinic, I read a paper by Jeswald Salacuse, a professor at Tufts, on international business negotiation. I can still recite the seven principles from that paper by heart because I've found them incredibly useful in my work ever since: Know your counterpart Understand the alternatives to any … [Read more...]

U.S. hospital operators see opportunity, risks in China (ModernHealthcare.com)

Rubicon is quoted in the recent Modern Healthcare piece on private investment in China's hospitals.


From the piece:  "... doctors who move from a public to a private hospital risk losing years of pension funds—an issue some municipalities and the central government have only just begun to address. 'Public hospitals are where the best doctors go, and people will flock to public hospitals,' Shobert said. 'So there's a bias on the part of the … [Read more...]

China’s giants setting up foothold in digital health arena (LinkedIn)

Alibaba has an ambition for building Hospitals for Future. The company recently started market testing in Hebei Province, trying to separate drug sales from health services.

Ali Baba healthcare

China’s digital health investment accelerates and companies from insurance and internet sectors are making efforts to reshape China’s healthcare service models. Pioneering efforts include Alibaba’s Hospital for Future projects, Ping’an’s O2O health service ambition to integrate services with insurance products, and Tencent’s digital tools to engage … [Read more...]

Medtronic’s China Ambitions (Forbes)

Ten years ago, Medtronic’s sales in China amounted to $50 million. Today, the company will sell more than $900 million across China during 2014.


"The strategy Medtronic has embraced to achieve this stunning amount of growth has been multi-faceted: exporting innovative products from the US to China, establishing a R&D facility in China to design products specifically for the unique needs of the Chinese market, crafting partnerships with government to educate patients around under-served … [Read more...]

Buying Chinese hospitals is a niche game (Nikkei Asian Review)

While there is no doubt that investing in a sector that aligns with government objectives is generally a good strategy, most hospitals in China have yet to figure out how to make money.

China hospitals

The nascent private hospital sector in mainland China has seen a flurry of deals recently. In September, U.S.-based Chindex International was sold for $461 million to a consortium led by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical(Group), a subsidiary of China's largest private sector conglomerate. The following month, Concord Medical, the U.S. operator of the … [Read more...]