More Detail on the Forthcoming China Senior Care Report

Curious about the sort of information that is going to be in the upcoming senior care report? More about what is included follows.


Our first comprehensive report on China's senior care sector has been turned over to the publisher and is in the midst of its final touches.  As we get ready for the release, we wanted to share more information about the key sections in the report. Much has been written in various outlets about China’s senior care sector; however, to date no one … [Read more...]

Three Kinds of Chinese Private Hospitals

There are three kinds of Chinese private hospitals according to the executive of a private hospital chain I sat down to a meeting with in Beijing. Each presents unique challenges to investors.


The first kind is the advertising-based model of private healthcare hospital. This sort of private hospital is represented by the Putian chain of hospitals I wrote about last week, and it is rightly derided for its focus on profit over patient. The challenge for these hospitals is government and public opposition to what is widely perceived as an … [Read more...]

The Specter of Putian (Why Baidu being held hostage is important)

By now you may have heard about the very ugly battle between the Putian hospital chain and Baidu over the latter refusing to approve the former's bids for keyword advertising on the ubiquitous and monopolistic Baidu search engine.


The story has become big news because Putian's contribution to Baidu revenues seems to be anywhere from 20 to 46% depending on which side of the story you believe (Putian would have you believe the higher number). … [Read more...]

Virtues of NOT Aligning Expectations With Chinese Hospital Partners

Today, I met with a Beijing-based organization today that represents a large medical system in the United States. The Beijing representative's job involves a great deal of partner evaluation for the US-based hospital system.


Currently the US organization is mostly interested in working with greenfield projects which can be shaped from the ground up to reflect the core values of its approach to clinical care and to the education of both physicians and patients. To date the organization has only entered into limited engagements with Chinese hospitals and physicians to … [Read more...]

Disrupting Health In China: Giving Buildings Away

I am traveling throughout China this week and the next on behalf of a senior care client. My mission has so far brought me into contact with several healthcare services entrepreneurs who are at the very cusp of China’s Healthcare Economy 3.0.


If Mao-era was 1.0, the failed market reforms of the 80s and 90s were 2.0, then the post-2009 health reform healthcare economy is 3.0). In my series of posts on LinkedIn this week I am going to provide you with my unfiltered impressions of what I am seeing. … [Read more...]