Recruiting Chinese Patients for IVF & Surrogacy

If you are the recruiter of Chinese nationals for foreign IVF and surrogacy businesses, some methods of recruitment are better than others.


In my last post I wrote about that the raids on Chinese maternity hotels in California were going to have wide reaching effects on American surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics who have come to rely on Chinese nationals for revenue growth. Two main points summed up my article: The California maternity tourism raids are not an isolated phenomenon, … [Read more...]

Modern Insights from the Decade-Old Baraclude Launch in China (Forbes)

Over a decade ago, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) globally launched Baraclude (entecavir), a novel molecule designed to treat Hepatitis B (Hep B). It was and still is a wild success. What lessons can be draw?

baraclude in China

China has been the graveyard for many new product launches that foreign multinationals were certain would be well received by the Chinese consumer, but fell flat on their faces. Even in China’s high-growth healthcare market, thishas been the case for several over the counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) pharmaceuticals that seemed destined for … [Read more...]

Healthcare in Vietnam Report: Pharma, Device, & the Tender Process

We are publishing, free of charge, a comprehensive report on Vietnam's healthcare economy, based on interviews with multiple top-level stakeholders in Vietnam's healthcare economy

vietnam healthcare report, pharma marketing, pharmaceutical market, device market, tender process in Vietnam

Studying Healthcare in Vietnam Eight months ago I traveled to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to conduct a series of interviews with leading pharmaceutical and device companies. With the gracious support of DKSH Vietnam, the leading local distribution and logistics partner, I was able to interview executives in Santen, Baxter, Aguettant, Ferring, … [Read more...]

Foreign pharma losing ground in Vietnam (Nikkei Asian Review)

Fears are growing among European and American executives in Vietnam that the (really) good times may be coming to an end.

Vietnam Healthcare Market

During a series of interviews in Vietnam last year by health care business consultancy Rubicon Strategy Group, foreign pharmaceutical and device executives, public hospital administrators and others focused on a shift in power from Vietnam's specialized drug and health care oversight bodies to local government people's committees and accusations … [Read more...]

Will Apple’s Business Model Work in Pharmaceuticals? (Forbes)

We like Apple's business model for our phones, laptops and tablets.


But, what are the implications for when this business model gets embraced by China's pharmaceutical sector? What are the implications to consumers, companies and policy makers both here and in China? More in Ben's Forbes column today. … [Read more...]