Thinking Strategically About International Markets for Aged Care

Some time ago over at Forbes, I put forward the idea that there are anecdotal reasons to suspect India might actually present itself as a better market for senior care services and development than China. Today we build on this, with a more explicit discussion of our plans to explore the market for senior care services in India.


It is a country whose elderly population will expand from 100 million today to over 300 million by 2050. It is a country where long-standing traditions for how families care for their elderly loved ones is at odds with rural to urban migration patterns and the growing participation of women in the country’s workforce. It is a country that has a … [Read more...]

Telemedicine in China – New Basic Rules to Ponder

Big consequences loom for players in the telemedicine and mobile phone health space with the promulgation of a recent NHFPC announcement

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At the end of this August, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) promulgated the Measures of Promoting Remote Medical Services among Medical Institutions (Guo Wei Yi Fa (2014) No. 51, “Circular 51”). It is the first detailed policy in China that regulates the activities of the remote medical services conducted among medical … [Read more...]

Are there good public hospital assets to be bought in China?

Conventional wisdom, certainly a majority of the wisdom put out by us, holds that public hospitals in China are unsound investments. Is that really true?

hospitals in China

Ben Shobert and I came together in Shanghai last week for the Asia Pharmaceutical Congress, but we also both went off on our own scouting missions to get a better understanding of how the current changes in China's healthcare economy are impacting participants in real time. One of the more interesting conversations I had was with an entrepreneur … [Read more...]

APAC Pharma Compliance Congress & Best Practices Forum

The question multinationals need to wrestle with is where the biggest tension is in China’s healthcare economy: hospitals continue to be under-funded, which means hospital administrators and doctors will continue to engage in economic rent seeking behavior that will only push non-compliant behavior further down the channel.


Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure to participate in a session for the Fourth Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum in Shanghai. Our specific topic was an hour-and-a-half titled “China’s Health System and How it is Being Reformed: Implications for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.” What follows is the written version … [Read more...]

More on the aftermath of the GSK-China verdicts (Forbes)

Things get tricky when we wrestle with the structural reasons China’s healthcare system is vulnerable to this type of behavior, and the unpleasant truth that domestic Chinese pharmaceutical companies are guilty of similar and to most foreign companies’ eyes, much worse behavior.


Eighteen months ago, when the GSK China story first broke, if someone had said the outcome would be one British citizen in jail, a naturalized American citizen as well, an all-time record fine by Chinese regulators against the company, and the company’s China head and four other Chinese executives all with criminal charges handed down, you either … [Read more...]