Is China’s Senior Housing Ready for Institutional Investment?

What should institutional investors look for when making a decision around whether or not to invest in a particular senior housing entity in China?


Nothing makes me more frustrated than to hear a senior housing operator talk about the sheer size of the China market as an adequate and sufficient reason for them to be in China.  Yes, China has 1.3 billion potential consumers (and healthcare goods and services are one of the markets that really can be seen in a macro-sense as including all of … [Read more...]

How can foreign healthcare service providers get a bite of China’s medical insurance plans?

Today, a second column from our new associate Jing Huang, on how foreign healthcare service providers should think about aligning their systems and relationships in ways to capture China's growing healthcare insurance.


On July 22nd, 2015, the State Council of China made the announcement that the Medical Disease Insurance (MDI) will be expanded to include the whole country before the end of this year, and that the insurance will be run by commercial insurance agencies chosen by the government through a formal bidding process. This announcement means the … [Read more...]

Build a Sustainable Relationship with a Chinese Real Estate Developer: Here’s How

What does it take to build a sustainable relationship with a Chinese real estate developer?


What does it take to build a sustainable relationship with a Chinese real estate developer? Success in China requires a good local partner, and few would question that the most valuable partner a foreign senior care company can have – and some would say must have – in China is a strong real estate developer. But China’s real estate developers’ … [Read more...]

Understanding the Motives of a Chinese Real Estate Developer

If your executive team is ready to develop a China strategy, what do you - as a foreign senior care operator - need to understand about the motives of potential Chinese real estate developer partners?


Over the last several years, we have helped various large foreign senior care operators identify possible Chinese real estate developer partners. There is, as readers know, very little shortage of interest on the Chinese side. The reasons are fairly well know: a sagging domestic real estate market that needs a new sector to continue to drive … [Read more...]

Getting Reimbursed from China’s Public Healthcare Insurance Plans

Over the last month, we have seen a flurry of western healthcare providers ask us how to align their internal coding and billing in ways that will capture future reimbursement from the Chinese government. An intro on why this is happening today.


Over the last 60 days, China has announced an additional set of reforms targeting senior care and healthcare providers. One of the most important is China’s commitment to allow qualified private, for-profit run hospitals to receive reimbursement from Yibao, the government-run public healthcare insurance plans. There are lots of details to quibble … [Read more...]