What Three Different Approaches To Senior Care in China Tell Us About The Market Opportunity Today And Tomorrow – Part 2 (Forbes)

In part one of this series, I touched on the questions, concerns and initial market responses that have investors and operators in China’s senior care market wrestling to find solutions to.


In this second section, we will turn our attention to Nan Fun Group, one of the largest privately held Hong Kong property develops, and their early efforts to explore China. … [Read more...]

What Three Different Approaches To Senior Care in China Tell Us About The Market Opportunity Today And Tomorrow – Part 1 (Forbes)

Today begins a three part series at Forbes on China’s senior care industry, with the balance coming over the next several weeks. For most of the last four years, I have been working, writing and researching extensively in China and Southeast Asia’s senior care sector.


Last year, several media outlets, in particular the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times among others, turned their attention towards the sector as well. What they found, not to put too fine of a point on things, was a tad discouraging. Specifically, they found foreign invested senior care facilities were running well short of original capacity … [Read more...]

What Does 2015 Have In Store For China’s Healthcare Economy? (Forbes)

For companies and investors working in China’s healthcare economy, it would be a mild understatement to say that 2014 was a year where the signal to noise ratio was pretty high.


Lots of interesting new policies, but certainly also many ongoing disconnects between the best intentions by the central government, and what infrastructure and reimbursement mechanisms will actually benefit Chinese families and further incentivize industry. … [Read more...]

China Lets Public Hospitals License Their Name to Private Hospitals (Forbes China)

A couple of weeks ago, the Beijing municipal Health and Family Planning Commission (BHFPC) announced that public hospitals would now be able to franchise their name to private operators.


This is a fascinating development and a potentially creative solution that also points towards one of the most challenging aspects to how healthcare is consumed in China. The challenge in question? Getting Chinese families to access healthcare outside of a handful of well known, established and respected public hospitals. If the government can … [Read more...]

8 Rules of Negotiation (in emerging economies)

I have come to believe there is an eight principle for negotiations that take place in emerging countries

8 Rules of Negotiation

When I worked Michigan's International Transactions Clinic, I read a paper by Jeswald Salacuse, a professor at Tufts, on international business negotiation. I can still recite the seven principles from that paper by heart because I've found them incredibly useful in my work ever since: Know your counterpart Understand the alternatives to any … [Read more...]