China’s Middle Manager Kings (LinkedIn)

The power center of many foreign company branches in China lies squarely in middle management. What can be done?

China middle managers

"Everyone in China knows that the power center of a Western company [in China] is below the C-suite, with the native Chinese manager." John Doe Wei let the words hang. He was sitting in front of a room of executives freshly arrived from the Europemerican headquarters of the advertising agency his firm had been acquired by some years ago. "Someone … [Read more...]

China Telemedicine: How it Might Reshape Pharmacies

Pharmacies are at a crossroads, but China telemedicine gains might change them for the better in the near future.

telemedicine in China, telemedicine pharmacies in China

In China, prescribed drugs are mainly distributed through public hospitals. Pharmacies rely heavily on OTC drugs and personal care products as incomes. Profit is thin due to expensive leasing costs, growing labor costs and multi-layer procurement models. Price is the key area for competition. There are no health services, only product sales. … [Read more...]

Q&A w/ Meena Ganesh, Co-Founder and CEO of Portea Medical India

The first in a series of Q&A's with various leaders from India's senior care market is available courtesy of Retirement Living World 2014, in Mumbai, India.


Interested in learning more about India's senior care market?  Then register for the upcoming Retirement Living World 2014, held from December 11-12 in Mumbai, India.  More information available here.  And, for more information on Portea Medical, read Benjamin Shobert's profile of them and the overall senior care market within India at Forbes … [Read more...]

Chinese Lunch: No More Alcohol (LinkedIn)

A short anecdote about the new lunch culture of China's government officials who interact with the private sector.

Consumption in China

Two weeks ago I came back from a three week trip in China that included a whirlwind of meetings with foreign executives in various healthcare industries, as well as Chinese government officials responsible for regulating pharmaceutical advertising and clinical research. As our group sat down to a never-ending stream of lunches and dinners two … [Read more...]

An Unexpected Reality in the Post-GSK World (WiCON – Pharma China)

In the aftermath of the GSK scandal ...

Chinese Medicine

multinational (MNC) pharmaceutical companies have been quick to review their compliance practices, ask questions to their government affairs teams about what this situation says about China’s regulators or its internal politics, at the same time companies review overall strategic market access for their domestic Chinese operations. However, one … [Read more...]